Monday, May 02, 2016

Sunday Shoulder Press Fun Day

Sunday was a fun day in the gym. I've decided to train more on weekends and less on weekdays due to work demands. Unlike most of the fitness world, I'll take Mondays off, and probably Thursday too, because we have an early meeting on that day.

Yesterday was a high-volume pressing day in my program. And it was good times.

1) KB Snatch

2a) Military Press

2b) Front Squat

3a) More Military Press

3b) Chest-Supported Row

Then I had to run a lot of errands to get all caught up after a busy week.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

Dream Big. Think Big. Act Big. Truly believe that you can - and will - achieve great things. Do not put a limit on your potential.

Push forward,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Calorie counting and food addiction

Hey, are you as exhausted as I am after last week? It was one of the busiest ones I've had in a long time, and so that's why I was so happy to see this email show up in my inbox on Monday.

It's an amazing message from Certified TT Trainer, Missi Holt. Please read every word. I know her story is going to connect with you, and that her advice will give you faster results and so much less stress.




I used to have a notebook full of hand written equations like this:
         Calorie counting

I used to spend countless amounts of time and energy calculating every last gram of fat, protein, sugar, and fiber to ensure I wasn't exceeding "my limit" by even .5 a gram!

The neurotic scribbling in that notebook breaks my heart.

Fortunately, religiously counting calories and macronutrients is a thing of the past for me. I truly believe that type of bondage kept me stuck in a cycle of misery where that "last 5 pounds" would just never come off and I would never be good enough.

What I didn't realize was that by my rigidity, I was actually forcing my body into a place of "fat storage" and worse I was damaging my very soul.

Strict, severe, harsh, unyielding, unbending, firm, inflexible — all these words describe my past relationship with food, exercise, and myself.

If I wasn't actually weighing out my food and calculating my calories or macros, then I was thinking about weighing out my food and calculating my calories or macros.

My controlled environment was controlling me.

I had no room in my life for anything other than my weight, how many calories did I burn, how many calories did I eat, what size pants do I wear, and on and on in my fruitless, exhausting pursuit of perfection.

My weight fluctuated 5-8 pounds on a regular basis and it often triggered wild swings between feeling "starving" and "stuffed-to-the-gills."

I lacked balance, flexibility, and had no real understanding for how my body worked, what it truly needed, or how to actually take care of it.

I misread all the signals — thinking more intensity and duration in my workouts coupled with less food and rest would be the key. Boy, was I wrong!

The journey out of this prison didn't happen over night. But the decision to break free occurred in an instant. And when it did incredible transformations unfolded for me.

You, too, can transform your life! Join my 30-Day Transformation Challenge and learn how to create space for fluidity, mindfulness, and curiosity for your unique health profile.

By joining the Challenge you will have access to cutting edge tools that will teach you to:

  • Learn, know, and give your body what it needs: rest, food, water, movement, and fun so it can heal
  • Speak more kindly to yourself to stay joyful and motivated
  • Think before you act to avoid health and fitness sabotage
  • Recognize what your body really needs on a moment to moment basis so that you truly take care of yourself and easily avoid setbacks
  • Trade fear, doubt, mistrust, and anxiety for love, clarity, confidence, and peace
  • Listen to your body, heart, and mind in order to shift from external force to intuitive wisdom
  • Become reliable in your decision-making so that you easily discern what to do, focus on that goal, and follow through
  • Exchange self-abuse for self-care

Fluidity became my flagship method of being. For me, structure is vital, but rigidity was destructive.

The ability to fine-tune my movements on a moment-to-moment basis so that I "stayed" the course of my health and fitness goals was a major turning point in my life.

As a result I no longer struggle with food addiction, body image issues ore even my weight – those 5-8 pounds I constantly battled are gone! But more importantly I love, trust, and respect myself.

So, how can you get to where I am today?

I developed a coaching program to help people just like you break free from whatever is keeping you in bondage and our next 30-Day Challenge starts in May.

If you desire to dive deeper into the process of change so that you can live life to the fullest, finding joy and freedom in all of your experiences then you need to be a part of my next 30-Day Challenge.

It. YOU will change your life.


Thank you so much, Missi.

Missi is taking care of you,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - How will you measure your life?

It will be by family and friends, love given and received, people supported, experiences enjoyed, reputation built, and the legacy you leave. It won't be measured by money made, calories counted, emails answered, or petty arguments won. Life is measured by what really matters. Be clear on what does, and make it count. And then make the right decisions for your right life. Always.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bill Phillips Dinner and Deadlifting

It's been a busy work week here in Denver, and with gloomy weather, too. I hope it's nicer back on the farm for ol' Bally the Pooch.

Yesterday I did a fun, but easy yoga session with Missi Holt and my friend, Joe Polish. Joe was in town for some consulting with me on his Perfect Day Formula plan for his life. After yoga, we got him dialed in, and then we met up with Bill Phillips for dinner. More about that in a second...

This morning, I put Joe through a workout:

1A) Pause Pushups
1B) Neutral Grip Pullups
1C) Goblet Squats

2A) DB Incline Press
2B) DB Chest Supported Row
2C) Ball Rollout
2D) DB Split Squat

And then had a big breakfast with him at the Four Seasons. I had my go to breakfast of 4 scrambled eggs, steamed spinach, and pineapple. This was followed with my own workout a few hours later:

1A) Kettlebell Swing
1B) Pushups

2A) Deadlift
2B) Dips

3A) Chin-up with Knee-up
3B) Goblet BGSS

Last night for dinner with Bill, Joe, and significant others, I had:

An octopus appetizer (eating well prepared octopous tentacles is like eating a small sausage), grass-fed steak, a baked potato (with olive oil), spinach, and brussel sprouts (that are really good, but leave me with a bit of heartburn and belching).

Hopefully you remember Bill Phillips from his book, Body For Life, and the supplement company EAS. His biceps tried to eat my book after dinner.

He's a really funny guy, and because he lives nearby, I'm hoping to work on a few projects with him.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
Plan ahead. Know your obstacles. Identify at least 2 solutions for each roadblock. For example, for your diet, do your shopping and cooking and meal prep on the weekends, so that during your busy week you have your meals ready…and you avoid vending-machine regret. For your workouts, always have one of my no-equipment short, burst circuits at the ready…for when you can’t get to your normal routine. You can succeed if you plan and prepare. No excuses. Let’s go!

Get your plan on and go,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

Friday, April 29, 2016

Frustrated - read this

Take at look at what two of my successful coaching clients have to say about how I can help you...

Kaminski"Craig's mentoring helped me get more organized. I used to get bogged down with the details of my day, but his mentoring has shown me how to focus on what really matters in my business and in my life. Creating the 'perfect day' as Craig has mentored me to do, has allowed me to do more of the things that make me happy. I now have the personal boundaries in my life that give me purpose and direction. Craig's coaching clarified my thinking. Life is no longer complicated, and he's given me the confidence to live my life the way I've chosen to live rather than the way others expect me to live. More importantly, he provides 'doable' steps to take, even when things seem confusing. As a result of Craig's coaching and his Perfect Day Formula, I've been able to simultaneously build a six-figure business while recovering from a broken marriage with confidence. I've regained my zest for life by applying the Perfect Day. I recommend Craig's coaching for anyone that wants a more fulfilling life. He'll help you focus on what really matters and get you on the fast track to greatness, giving you the step-by-step guidance you need along the way." - Shawna Kaminski, age 51, Calgary, Canada

Hadsall"Before I met Craig I struggled with obstacles that hindered my progress. I thought success was all about managing my time, but through Craig I discovered how to increase my productivity by removing the temptations that get in the way. His solution is surprisingly simple and can be applied by anybody. The #1 lesson he taught me is that 'Structure equals Freedom'. When your days are scripted and planned out you have a proven road map to be more productive, while doubling your free time for family and other quality relationships. Owning the day with Craig's methods has improved the communication and quality time I spend on my marriage and on my relationships with my children and grandchildren. That's something you simply cannot put a price tag on. After applying The Perfect Day Formula to my life, I'm getting more done before noon than I used to get done after working 12 hours. I recommend this for anyone feeling overwhelmed. This book will help you be present in the moment, while showing you how to achieve your goals – whether they are financial, fitness, or family focused!" - Shaun Hadsall, Stubborn Fat Expert & Best Selling Nutrition Author

Activate Your 20% Off Discount For the Perfect Life Coaching System

I've seen way too many people quit, give up, and even lose everything because they spent all their time focusing on the wrong things.

Yet once you find the one thing you were meant to do, the money, success, and freedom come right along with it.

Activate Your 20% Off Discount For the Perfect Life Coaching System

Taking care of you,

Craig Ballantyne

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bench Press Transformation Pre Test

Today was a great workout. I'm so busy at work - preparing for tonight's webinar and a private coaching client day on Friday - that I've had to whip through my workouts faster.

I loved this one. Yesterday was physically tougher, but this one was full-on "45 Minute Meathead". :)

Warmup of foam rolling, band pulls, pushups

1A) Bench Press - worked up to 185x8 for estimated "pre-transformation" max of 235
1B) Band Pull

2A) Neutral Grip Pullup - 6x8
2B) DB Press - 60x5x10
2C) Cable Abs - 3x20

Great times.

And now for a little webinar reminder...

Join me for my webinar tonight at 7pm central. Learn how to control your day to enact meaningful growth in your life!

Discover Why EVERY "Time Management" Book and Productivity "Hack" Makes You WORSE at Getting Stuff Done and Harder to Live Your Dream Life

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Success – It all starts with preparation and avoid negative people, the wrong environments, and bad habits & to connect with the right people/environments/habits. Success is simple once you accept how difficult it is.

Push harder and faster when it is time,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

watch this video about Saturday morning

Hey, stop what you’re doing for a few minutes, grab your favorite drink, close the door, and think about this for a second…

What does your Perfect Weekend Morning look like?

Not sure how to answer that?

Then watch this short video I made for you here

Cb video 3

These are important questions. And yes, one of them is kind of odd… but you need to think about this before our coaching session tonight.

It’ll help you understand why I make such a big deal out of the 3 secrets to success that I’ve been teaching thousands of people for the last few years.

So watch that video, and bring that mental image to our call tonight.

Having this picture in your head will help you change your life faster than ever.

Talk soon,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Remember…

…we’re starting at 8pm EST tonight – right on the dot.

And since I have a genetic defect that makes it physically impossible for me to be late, I’m going to be on the call about 10 minutes early.

Make sure you stop by and say hi before we get started.

Besides we’re going to jump into the good stuff right away.

So don’t miss out

Be there at 7:50pm tonight.

Here’s the direct access link to tonight’s session

See you soon.

PPS - Did you miss these? Watch these videos now...

Best Productivity Hack

5 Secrets That Saved My Life

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Squat Photoshoot and Bench Press Plan

Things are getting crazy here. It’s crunch time.


We have a HUGE coaching session coming up at on Wednesday night. Over 3000 people are registered to attend. That’s certainly the biggest audience I’ve ever taught at once. It’s going to be incredible.

The energy at ETR is through the roof right now, and I love it.


But before I dial in all the systems for go time, there was lots to do in the gym and for my upcoming Cardio book.


First, a 5am workout. It went like this:


1A) KB Swing

1B) Mobility


2A) Front Squat- new PB of 185x4

2B) Bodyweight Row - 4x15


3) Regular Squat 225lbs for 16 reps


4A) DB Split Squat

4B) Good Morning


And tomorrow is my first bench press workout in my transformation. I’m trying to get 2014 TT Client of the Year, J-Roc, to join me. He has a few injuries to work around, but he loves the program I sent him.


Second, we had a photoshoot for the workout section of my upcoming book, The Great Cardio Myth (pre-orders start next week!). It was easy. I made Missi Holt do all of the hard exercises.

Here are some pics of the behind the scenes photo shoot... and you'll be able to pre-order the book very soon!


Third, I had a Men’s Fitness workout program to write up for my friend, Sean Hyson. Yep, I’m slipping back into Men’s Fitness magazine. Good to work with some old friends there…


Alright, time to get back to work.


Today’s Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

All the planning in the world is no good if you don’t follow through. The great news is that the faster you go, the more momentum you’ll build, and the easier it becomes. So just get started. Right now. Don’t procrastinate a second longer. Take massive action today and Get It Done (GID baby!).


Get moving,


Craig Ballantyne, CTT


PS – Join me in the TT Transformation Contest today…


…I don’t care if you’re a “PRO” and there is no Pro Category this time.


It’s ridiculous that you’d let a contest dictate your decision to improve your life.

Stop procrastinating and rationalizing your indecision.


Let’s get to it.


Step up.

Join me here and Brother Mann here:



It’s time for you and I to play UP a level.

Let’s go!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Funday in my New Playground Gym

I am really loving this new gym in Denver. There are tons of toys and only a few girls and boys, so that means plenty of room to do whatever you want, like use the battling ropes, and no waiting for squat racks.

On Sunday morning I wandered in around 9:30 and did a Sunday funday workout of:

1) KB Snatches

1b) Mobility/Foam Rolling

2) Battling Rope 20-10's

3a) Hang Cleans

3b) DB Neutral Grip Incline Presses

4a) Biceps Curls

4b) Mobility/Foam Rolling

That was fun.

Almost as fun as seeing this picture of a Mikey Whitfield-esque pancake breakfast posted by my virtual training mentor, Bobby Maximus. Check this out... it would stuff me and sedate me for days!

See this Instagram photo by @bobbymaximus • 227 likes


After training I ran some errands to stock my new apartment in Denver (hotel living was getting outrageously expensive) and then I spent a leisurely afternoon thinking and reading. It's going to be a very, very busy week at the Early To Rise office.

We have a HUGE webinar coming up on Wednesday night, and I hope you can make it.

I also have a photoshoot on Tuesday morning for my upcoming book, The Great Cardio Myth.

And on Friday I have a coaching client coming in for a 1-day Perfect Life intensive session.

Finally, on Saturday, I get to exhale.

Oh, and new bench press program starts on Wednesday, after a squat workout on Tuesday.

Monday through Sunday = another fun day.

Always good times.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

All the planning in the world is no good if you don’t follow through. The great news is that the faster you go, the more momentum you’ll build, and the easier it becomes. So just get started. Right now. Take massive action. Get it done.

Following through is fun,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Don't miss my latest podcast with the legend...

...Mr. Ben Greenfield. It wasn't what I expected...
How To Have The Perfect Day - Here's The Official Formula For A Perfect Day: How To Take Control & Own Your Life.