Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Meathead in the Mile High

Woke up earlier than usual today, felt well rested, and went on to hit a good 5am workout at the Colorado Athletic Club in Denver. Really looking forward to Sunday's deadlift session.

Tomorrow's workout is a trip to Whole Foods and preparation for the - it's going to be great. I just finished up the Friday morning bootcamp workout plan yesterday.

Today's Kickbutt Bench Session:

1A) Bench Press
1B) Neutral Grip Pullups

2A) Incline Bench
2B) More Neutral Grip Pullups

3A) Dips - new personal best of 19 (although 2006 record is 22)
3B) Chest-Supported Row

Great Meatheady Good Times.

Not into that? Here's a classic quickie:

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
"Are you going to let the obstacles in your life be stumbling blocks or stepping stones? Choose the positive. You are the master of your attitude." – Bruce Lee

Push on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

Next Friday

On Friday, June 5th, I'll deliver my most important speech to you ever. You can't miss it. Here's a sneak peak...

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I will show you exactly how to get started,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - My 'most important quote' ever...

Success is simple once you accept how difficult it will be.

Only when you accept how much effort, honesty, responsibility, planning, creativity, intensity, discipline, and control the process is going to take, will you make it. It is not easy, but it is simple.

You must follow the proven steps to success even though they take you on a hard, winding, uphill trek. Success is not going to happen overnight or come from any magic pill. Only once you accept these facts will you succeed.

Live by your personal rules and set up winning routines and good habits. Rely on your rules and less on willpower. Having your rules and taking personal responsibility for your situation in life are what separate the success stories from the wannabes.

It takes planning to stick to your dreams while others play and waste their lives, but that is your personal responsibility and a requirement for success.

Put more Structure into your life and you will win your Freedom. Structure = Freedom. It sounds weird, but trust me, it works. Stay strong and push on. You can do it. I believe in YOU!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

To get sexy abs

I have been getting so much positive feedback about my protégé Andrew Raposo's Sexy Abs Training System that I just had to send you one LAST reminder about it

It would be so unfortunate if you were to miss out on this better way to do ab training and burn stubborn belly fat (compared to the boring and ineffective ab workouts in Shape or Men's Fitness magazines)…

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  • Are looking for the hottest tips on ab training.
And here's the best part – You don't need any equipment. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to leave your living room.

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But your immediate attention is required. This special offer is only available for a few more hours. Don't miss out.

Get started on sexier abs today,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Never forget!

Whatever is in your way, you're stronger than it, you're tougher than it, and you're better than it. You're going to beat it. 
You must truly believe in yourself. You must end the "I'll give this a try" mindset, and switch to an, "I'm going to succeed" belief.
You can do it. Your time is now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Biebs and The Squats

Up early, got mentally prepared, and punished my legs at the Colorado Athletic Club in Denver. It was a great squat workout that went like this:

1A) Barbell Squat Jump
1B) Spiderman Climb

2A) Parallel Squat
2B) Hip Mobility Drills

3A) Full Squat
3B) Back Extension
3C) Leg Curl

I will bench on Friday and Deadlift on Sunday in a nice, empty gym. Looking forward to a quiet weekend of working, training, and writing a lot, plus a little preparation for this thing called the amazing 5th TT Summit -

And though this is a bit off-topic, it's one of the best articles we've put on ETR in a while

It was also SUPER AWESOME to have Derek Wahler, CTT, in the ETR offices yesterday. He is starting full-time as our new TT Affiliate Manager. He'll be working here in Denver and at home in Madison, WI. That makes three amazing CTT's that are a part of our daily ETR mission:
  • Lesa Gutenkunst, CTT of the Year 2014, Customer Service
  • Daniel Woodrum, MCTT, Director of CTT
  • Derek Wahler, CTT, TT Affiliate Manager
I love our team and the energy in our office. It's an amazing place to work...and we don't need silly foosball tables or Google perks to make it so.


Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
"People will try to take advantage of you...they will try to tear you down. Keep your head up and know your truth. Be kind in the face of anger." - Justin Bieber

Seriously. Must be something in the water as some of those 'kids' from Stratford should have some good philosophy. ;)

But also...

Anticipation is worse than reality. Things are never as bad as they seem. Lean into the uncomfortable conversations & learn life lessons.

Keep your head up,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Never give up.

Keep on getting better. Change your world. There is a solution. The answer is out there. Always Find A Way. #AFAW

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pushups and Chinups in Denver

Flew to Denver on Monday, and since my arms weren't too tired (LOL at my original jokez!) I hit the gym this morning for an upper body session.

1A) Pushups (1-1-1-1) - 5x20
1B) Chinups - 5x8

2A) DB CSR - 4x10
2B) Shoulder Press - 4x10

Tomorrow will be a heavy squat day, week 3 of the current 4-week program. Thursday I'll bench, and Saturday or Sunday will be heavy deadlifting.

Until then, lots of work to do, so I'll be following these tips:

How to save some time:

And here are more time-saving tips for you.

4-Minute Abs:

Ab moves NEVER to do for specific body types

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Past success doesn't guarantee future success. Past failure doesn't guarantee future failure. You CAN change. Don't tell me you can't. You can. Keep moving towards your vision by working on what you can control while ignoring everything else.

"Something has to break and it won't be you, it will be the obstacle." – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Break the obstacles in your way,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Smash!

You Hulk. You SMASH obstacles in your way. You BREAK through your upper limits. You BEAT all temptations. You CAN do it. You WILL do it. TT believes in YOU.

Check these abs and take the test

Take a look at these abs…then ask yourself this question…


Who do you think these amazing abs belong to? 
Is it… 
A) A Bodybuilder
B) A Fitness Model
C) A Fighter
D) A Sprinter
E) Bally the Dog

Take a guess and see if you're right. Click on your answer.

On the next page, you'll learn not only who these world class abs belong to, you'll also learn how you can train EXACTLY the same way to get rid of the fat that sits around your midsection and reveal your own abs even faster! 

I will warn you though… this information can be controversial…

=> Find out who has the best abs in the world and how they workout here…

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And oh yes, even Bally the Dog has amazing abs. Let me tell you a funny story…back in 2007 we were going to the Queen West Animal Hospital in Toronto for his annual check-up. It was there that Dr. Paula made a funny comment about my dog…

"Wow," she said, "Bally has six-pack abs!"

Ha, little did she know that for years after I'd still be telling everyone that I knew about that comment. I was so proud. And NO, he was not doing crunches or sit-ups. 

He was following an exercise program like this one

Good ol' Bally, you can always count on him for a laugh and smile. Have a great week and here's to getting a flat stomach and even 6-pack abs this summer!

You can do it,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer 

PS – Give 100 percent effort…

…and attention to building a new positive habit today. 

If you want to change, take action today, even if it is just the tiniest step in the right direction.

"Begin at once a program of self-mastery. Do not worry about anything outside of your control. The only things you command are your thoughts and actions. Stop aspiring to be anyone other than your own best self: for that does fall within your control." – Epictetus

Take that first action step. And then take another one tomorrow, and another the day after that. Every single day from now on take another step forward toward your goal, toward the change you want to make. Never stop and never give up.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Update and Deadlift to Denver

Had a great weekend. Lots of training, good food, and even a couple of movies. I might be slowing down in my old age.

Started off with an early Saturday morning trip to the YMCA for a Trap Bar Deadlift session. Hit 335 for 5 and 225 for 23 reps. Workout looked like this:

1A) Snatch - 3x5
1B) Box Jump

2A) Trap Bar Deadlift
2B) Box Jump

3A) Shrug
3B) Leg Curl

Good times were had by all, I think, except for my hands. Saturday was BBQ day (or a cook-out, as my American friends would say). Rib-eye steak and some apple ciders. Followed that with the first Avengers movie. I wish there were more. The second one is even better. I didn't like Captain America or Thor, but I'll give them another shot. And the Ironman ones, too.

Sunday was a workout at the Shangri-La hotel in Toronto. During my workout, after a set of strict pullups, a gentleman asked me if I could help his son do more pullups. His son is in the Marine Corps, but is currently 25 pounds overweight and can only do 2 of a required 7 pullups.

They know that losing the weight is the most important step. Aside from that, I recommended a 3-day per week program. All of these add-ons will be done at the start of the whatever scheduled workout he has to do. (He will have additional training in the Marines.)

Workout #1 - 3 sets of 5 repetitions with a 5 second Eccentric (and getting a boost back up).

Workout #2 - 10 sets of 1-2 pullups, never straining, only doing perfect reps.

Workout #3 - Repeat workout #1.

As soon as he loses 15 pounds he should be able to hit 7 pullups with this concurrent training regimen.

My workout on Sunday was:

1A) Bobby Maximus Pushups (1-1-1-1 tempo) = 31 reps, new PB
1B) Pullups - 40 reps total

2A) DB Shoulder Press
2B) Cable Abs

3A) DB Incline Curl
3B) DB Triceps

Then it was off to a fancy Italian restaurant (Buca in Yorkville) for seafood and veal. Portions were it called for the flourless chocolate cake for dessert. It was pretty good, but I realized it was chocolate with orange, and I'm really not a big fan of the orange flavor mixed with my beloved chocolate. Still, it was nice.

Then went back to the hotel and finally watched John Wick. I thought the Equalizer was violent, but this was above and beyond.

Back to work today here in Canada, and then off to Denver in a few hours to catch up with my team at I'll be there until the TT Summit travels begin on June 3rd.

Next deadlift workout should be Sunday AM.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Stay positive, look at every day and every moment as a learning experience…and become the best "student of yourself" that you can. Find out what works for you, and what doesn't. Then do more of what does, and avoid those situations that tempt you into the wrong decisions. Be proud about what you want to achieve, and communicate clearly about what you must do to get there. Of course, we all make mistakes and temptation gets to us all. But look at every stumble as the greatest gift…a learning experience to become better. You can change and achieve your goals. I believe in you. Your time is now. Let's go!

Time to go,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." - Mark Twain

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Deadlift Plan from Denver to Diego

Long walk in the Old Grove today, a forest near the farm, and did some bodyweight mobility in the garage. I will deadlift on Saturday morning. Trip to Toronto after.

Flight to Denver on Monday (it's good to travel on holidays). Week in Denver, then off to TT Summit on the 4th of June. Legendary weekend planned. Will deadlift before I go to SD, and then maybe again at Fit Gym in downtown SD. We'll see.

Then back to Denver for 3 days, and then head to Cleveland for a seminar. I'll deadlift in DVR, and then do bodyweight stuff in Cleveland. Then a weekend in Toronto, and then an extended vacation on the farm. Back to Denver for Q3 planning before July 1st.

Exciting times!

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
This is your one and only life! Make the right decisions, right now, for it. And remember that it is the people and experiences in life that matter, not the stuff. Review your past actions and your future dreams. Keep it all in perspective. Pursue the truly important, not the shallow and fleeting illusions of modern success.

Let others have their fame and trinkets…stick to what matters, what you know in your heart is right, and live virtuously, lead by example, and stick to your vision. You are the boss of this life, make it count when it comes to what matters. Never give up on it. You will succeed. We believe in you and we know this approach will work. Let's go and keep going!

Push on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

What to do in Toronto

Well, here's a non-training random post for you. A friend of mine is visiting Toronto this summer with her husband and they are staying the swanky Yorkville neighborhood. She asked me what to do. Here are my not-as-lame-as-they-used-to-be-but-still-not-super-amazing recommendations. If you have some, add them. Thanks!

1) Walking Tours

a) Get a cab to the Beaches neighborhood on Friday or Saturday (Queen Street East). It's like a small town in the big city...and yes, toronto has a big beach area. Expect to do a lot of walking and then treat yourself to an ice cream. You could paddleboard there, too.

b) Get a cab to High Park...big park, lots of walking, has a small petting's like a poor (Canadian) man's Central Park. :)

2) Restaurants:
- Patria (Spanish), Bar Isabela (Spanish), Jacob (Steak), Montecito (bit of everything), Canoe (amazing view), Buca Yorkville (BEST Italian in the city)

3) Drinks - Thomson Hotel rooftop, Park Hyatt rooftop (Yorkville), King West (near Patria)

4) Thrill seeking?

Canada's Wonderland (amusement park) or the CN Tower Edge Walk. Neither of those are my thing, but a normal visit to the CN Tower is also good.

5) Rainy day stuff...Aquarium is okay, Royal Ontario Museum is good (ROM), afternoon tea at the Shangri-La hotel (great lobby and spa, too)

6) Sports ... catching a Toronto FC soccer game or one of the women's world cup games at BMO field...America should be crushing's a nice outdoor stadium...the baseball stadium is pretty boring, not really worth checking out.

7)'re in Yorkville, won't be too hard to find that, LOL. ... but you can also go up to Yorkdale, which is a mall.

What did I miss?

Do not RUIN your weekend with a deprivation diet

If you try and diet tonight, it will probably RUIN your weekend. So let's be honest, let's be real...let's find a way for you to enjoy life on the weekends while still losing weight.

There's no reason to go to a Memorial Day Weekend movie or cookout and not have a treat. You don't have to deprive yourself all the time. That will just make you quit your diet ... while ruining your social life.

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It's... The Complete Guide to Eating on the Weekends for Weight Loss

So sit back, relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy your life again. This is what it's all about.

Stay strong and enjoy your Friday and Saturday night meals,

Craig & Bally (woof woof!)

PS - If you struggled this week...

...just remember that we are here for you...

...and we'll be back on Monday morning with an amazing 4-minute ab workout to help you lose belly fat, stimulate your metabolism, and even show off those sexy arms and abs.

Stay tuned ... stay positive ... and as Bally says, "Keep your tail wagging!"

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C) Gadgets like Fitbits are inaccurate and generally a waste of money.
D) Crunches do nothing for your abs...but can hurt your back
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Lose the belly fat fast without cardio,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
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PS – Do this too!

Make your weekend fat loss rules. Stick to them. Be positive. Love yourself. Accept that others will stress you. Be prepared for that. But love them too.

This is your one and only life! Take a powerful, positive attitude into everything that you do, every day, every workout, and every interaction. Plan and prepare for obstacles. Knock them down and out of your way.

Believe in yourself. Truly, truly believe in yourself and share your vision with positive people that will support you on your way.

State your goals, set your deadline and go after what really matters to you in life. Never give up on it. You will succeed. We believe in you and we know this approach will work.

Start today! Let's go and keep going!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Exactly how to eat on weekends

Call me odd, but when it comes to the weekends, I'll be honest with you...

... I relate GOOD food with a great time.  

I don't want to eat chicken and broccoli on a Friday night. I want to go out for dinner to my favorite restaurant and eat whatever I want and then follow that up with an action flick, like the latest Avengers movie (just watched - it's awesome!).

You see, I'm what you call a "Diet Free Weekend" kind of guy. I'll typically enjoy steak and wine on Friday, big breakfasts with bacon on Saturday morning, and pork chops and hard cider on Saturday night. And when I visit family on Sunday, I won't hesitate to have a huge meal of roast beef and mashed potatoes dessert.
Now here's my secret...anyone can eat like this and still lose weight, it's just a matter of looking at your WEEKLY calories and not your DAILY calories. It's a new discovery called "diet intervals", which FINALLY allows you to enjoy your weekend meals. In fact,  a shocking study from Cornell University reveals EXACTLY how this works and EXACTLY what you can eat on the weekend. Just go here:
=> Odd "diet intervals" study (perfect for weekend eaters)
Now if you're looking for one of those "lose 12 pounds in 6 days" approaches, this won't be a good fit. But this study does show you can lose up to 3 pounds per week using short "diet intervals" instead of a traditional long, boring diet approach that requires sacrifice, counting calories, carb deprivation, Weight Watchers, etc.
This relaxed way of eating on the weekends is the perfect way to go. Now you don't have to do Cheat Days that make you binge and feel terrible because you feel like you have to "get it all in". I'd rather that you relax and not think about "dieting" for a couple of days a week (on the weekends) rather than over-eating to discomfort.
Find out EXACTLY how to eat on the weekend for ALL-week fat loss (lose up to 3 pounds a week)

That's more doable, right?

Enjoy the new study and "breaking free" from the diet prison and cheat-binge cycle on the weekends...
Stay Strong and Keep Pushing On,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Let us make it easier for you...

We all need to find compelling motivation to stick to your plan. Keep working to find that internal inspiration so that you can put a little more urgency into your body transformation program. Get out of your comfort zone and put that pressure on. Plan. Focus. Take Action. Set Deadlines. Hit Them. And then...Reward Yourself - with a Diet Free Weekend!

Find out EXACTLY how to eat on the weekend for ALL-week fat loss (lose up to 3 pounds a week)

You CAN do it. I believe in YOU.

Pump Paradise and Perfect Productivity

Wow. Meathead Pump Paradise. Just finished an upper body TT Meathead program down at the local YMCA. Ran into an old high school teacher that asked me to speak at a small business meeting in June. Should be fun.

Today's a beautiful day in our little Victorian city and buses filled with high school-aged students from Toronto were circling the city looking for parking spots as English teachers brought the kids to our world-famous Shakespearean Festival theater. It's always a pleasure to see so many visitors enjoying our city.

But dang, it was cold this morning when ol' Bally the Dog and I went for our 6:30am walk. I had to wear gloves and my two sweatshirts weren't enough.

Fortunately I got warmed up with a big breakfast and then this:

Band Pull

1A) Bench Press
1B) BB Row

2A) Pullups
2B) Military Press

3) BB Curl Personal Best - 65x21 reps

Then some work meetings and now a day of writing, email, and reading.

Later on a dog walk, and then a comfort food dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes...and some superfoods, like spinach, beets, and cauliflower.

Perfectly productive day on the Farm following the 3-C formula.

Control what you can.
Cope with what you can't.
Concentrate on what counts.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
If it were do or die, you'd be able to stick to your workout program. Imagine you had to go to jail if you skipped your workout to sit on the couch instead. How many workouts do you think you'd miss? You'd be able to stick to your diet if you had to pay me $500 every time you fell off the plan. If you had to lose 5 pounds in 10 weeks or lose your job, you could do it. You just need to find compelling motivation to stick to your plan. Keep working to find that internal inspiration so that you can put a little more urgency into your body transformation program. Get out of your comfort zone and put that pressure on. Plan. Focus. Take Action. Set Deadlines. Hit Them. And then...Reward Yourself. You CAN do it. I believe in YOU.

Push on with the formula,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - See you soon?

Join me at the

It will be awesome!